Wild Arms 3

The first two games in the Wild Arms series garnered attention and acclaim as they brought classic console role-playing to the original PlayStation. Though crafted in the same story-telling spirit, Wild Arms 3 (titled Wild Arms Advanced 3rd in Japan) boasts major technological improvements and a number of new gameplay elements. Featuring stroke-shaded animation-style graphics, a Wild West setting, and a completely 3D game engine (not just for battles, as in the previous games), Wild Arms 3 is designed to make good use of the power of the PlayStation 2. Wild Arms 3 features four main characters and takes the time to let players become acquainted with each of them. The drifters Virginia, Gallows, Jet, and Clive are four very different adventurers whose paths intertwine toward a shared destiny. Though each has his or her own personal motivations, all four seek an explanation for why the once-verdant lands of Filgaia have become dry and barren. Differences must be overcome and the characters must act in harmony if they are to truly understand the ancient mystical forces at work. As the drifters move through the desolate land of Filgaia, they are challenged with a number of mysteries to solve and barriers to overcome. The different special abilities of each character must be used to solve different parts of the game's complex puzzles. A technique dubbed expressive communication is designed to allow players to quickly gauge the moods and emotions of the onscreen characters. Monsters, villains, and other horrible creatures stand between the drifters and their destinations as well. The Wild Arms 3 turn-based battle system is designed to offer players an intricate level of control, allowing tactics that make wise use of the various powers and weaponry of the drifters while presenting combat with cinematic flair. Wild Arms 3 delivers everything RPG gamers expect: an in-depth storyline, puzzling dungeons & a unique battling system. Journey along with Virginia, Jet, Clive and Gallows and discover the mystery behind the Prophets to revive the memories of Filgaia. Explore dungeons to unlock secret pathways and find mythical treasures. Gun Blazing shoot-outs deliver intense cinematic battles. Wild Arms 3 embodies tried-and-true elements of a role-playing classic.
Wild Arms 3
Release date: 14 March 2002
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Developer: Media.Vision
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Website: http://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/wild-arms-3-ps2
The game takes place on a version of the planet Filgaia from the Wild Arms series, a place that is desolate to the point of even its seas consisting of sand, supposedly the result of an ancient war. Four Drifters find themselves chosen to wield the power of the planet's spiritual protectors, the Guardians, to stop a prophesied but unknown menace to their world. As they adventure together, they are opposed by other Drifter teams, a trio of fanatical scientists called the Prophets, and the Demons of Filgaian legend. The four adventurers eventually make startling discoveries about their world's true history, and their personal connections to it.