Super Stardust Ultra

Blast enemy ships and deadly asteroids into oblivion in this rapid-fire space shoot ’em-up. The Super Stardust franchise explodes onto PlayStation4 for the first time as the galaxy’s biggest baddie launches an interstellar war in a plot to take over. Defend the solar system as the last remaining star fighter ? you’ll need cat-like reflexes, split-second timing and pure arcade skill to make every shot count. 1080p HD Video Output A follow-up to the game titled Super Stardust Ultra (known in Japan as Star Strike Ultra) was released on February 10, 2015 in North America and the PAL region on February 11, 2015 for PlayStation 4. It was essentially an enhanced version of Super Stardust HD, without being a direct port. It adds an exclusive mode called Interactive Streaming, which is an endless mode where the game is streamed live over the Internet, and viewers are allowed to help or hinder the player. A port of Super Stardust Ultra titled Super Stardust Ultra VR, offering a unique perspective from within the cockpit, was released as a launch title for the PlayStation VR. The title was developed by UK based company d3t Ltd.
Super Stardust Ultra
Release date: 10 February 2015
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