Strider 2

Strider 2, released in arcades and on the Sony Playstation in 2000, is the sequel to the popular arcade and multiplatform game Strider. This game is considered the true sequel to the original Strider, rather than Strider Returns. Strider Returns is not considered a part of the series, as it was not developed by Capcom, it was exclusive to the west, and most people hated it. Strider 2, on the other hand, was very well received. Unfortunately, despite being hailed by critics and series fans, Strider 2 did not sell well. The Playstation version of the game included the original Strider on a separate disc, for those who had never played it to become accomodated with the series. In the United States, there was a printing error for the game that swapped the labelling of each CD, so the Strider 2 disc was labelled Strider, and the Strider disc was labelled Strider 2.
Strider 2
Release date: 13 December 1999
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Developer: Capcom
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