My Grandfather's Farm

Your grandfather left you his old farm. With only a few coins and tools and with the help of your grandfather you have to go to the old farm give new shine again! Can you live from what the land has to offer you? Give the old farm a new lease of life - expand your farm. Buy new fields, stables, equipment and animals. Farm your animals, farm your fields. Sell ??your goods to dealers or directly to the inhabitants of Lodo Paws to build your yard! Make friends with the inhabitants of Lodo Paws. Harvest various types of crops, potatoes, carrots, wheat, corn, sunflowers. Take care of your animals (cows, sheep, chickens, horses). Watch for the seasons to catch up with your harvest in time. Cut down trees and transport the wood or your goods by horse and cart. Adapt your farmer! Buy new clothes or change your outfit! Explore Lodo Paws, explore the Thunder Mine and find valuable treasures. Complete tasks and quest's.
My Grandfather's Farm
Release date: 30 August 2018
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Developer: CHG
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