Kao the Kangaroo

Kao the Kangaroo is back! This time with a brand new adventure. The bravest kangaroo is ready to pick up his boxing gloves and K.O. his way through this epic journey. Take on this 3D platforming challenge and help him succeed!
Kao the Kangaroo
Release date: 27 May 2022
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Developer: Tate Multimedia
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Website: https://kaokangaroo.com/

Anniversary edition

A year after the world premiere of the newest adventures of Kao the Kangaroo Anniversary Edition is now Available!

It only happens once a year and it is worth celebrating!
Kao the Kangaroo: Anniversary Edition is now available and includes:
  • Kao the Kangaroo - full game - embark on a journey with the cutest Kangaroo and face the Eternal Warrior
  • Bend the Roo'les - the newest DLC with the new campaign and 5 additional levels - defeat the Crab King!
  • Oh! Well DLC - 5 playable Eternal cells to conquer and 5 spooky skins to unlock
  • Exclusive Art Book - with the most beautiful locations, most interesting characters and elements you can find in the game
  • Epic Soundtrack - immersive music to the game composed by talented Partyk Scelina

Enjoy the ultimate platforming experience!

About game

?? THE GAME ??

Kao The Kangaroo is a 3D platformer from veterans of the genre Tate Multimedia, featuring a plucky, cheeky but a cutie, Kao The Kangaroo (Hey, just like in the title!) on a quest to uncover the truth around the disappearance of his father.


During his journey, Kao will explore a wide variety of beautifully detailed environments, each harboring secrets to uncover. At every turn, Kao faces new challenges. He’ll have to use all his skills while learning some new ones...not all of them being natural to the world he lives in! As they say, it’s the journey that makes us, not the destination.


Being inspired by the heyday of 3D platformers, as well as building on Kao’s 21-year legacy, Kao The Kangaroo is packed with plenty of jumping, thumping, puzzle-solving, and collecting. A whole new amazing adventure with all the charm you’d expect from not just the genre, but Kao himself!

?? THE CAST ??

Kao’s beautiful and bright world is filled with a host of colorful characters just waiting for you to meet them... in some cases (try to) defeat them! From wise mentors and inquisitive inventors to big old bullies, the cast of Kao The Kangaroo is as memorable as it is expansive!


While on his journey Kao will have to overcome many foes. Quick and nimble strikers, slow and lumbering brutes, and everything in between. Kao will have to use all the lessons he’s learned to defeat those who stand before him…


The mysterious, mesmerizing, long-buried, gloves Kao has on his paws are oozing with power yet to be fully unleashed. They’ll be a key tool in Kao’s journey, helping to ward off foes and traverse the world. Will the secrets of their power ever be fully understood? Kao looks to find out.


Explore a diverse range of Unique and beautiful interactive worlds filled with fresh challenges, enemies, puzzles, and secrets! Jump, climb, dive and ride your way through highly detailed environments as Kao progresses on his journey!


Lurking behind Kao’s plane of existence lays a whole other world filled with mystery, uncontrollable power, and chaos...the Eternal World. A link between the two worlds exists, melding together. Its secrets are in Kao’s hands, giving him new powers...but at what cost?


System requirements:
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Win 10 or newer
  • Processor: i5 3300 3,20 GHz 4 cores/4 threads
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 760 2 gb
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 9 GB available space
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system