Heroes of Dragon Age

Heroes of Dragon Age is a free to play card combat strategy game that has you assembling (and constantly tweaking) a group of heroes and villains to battle through important events in the history of the DA universe. COLLECT THE HEROES Build a party of famous warriors and epic monsters from the award-winning Dragon Age franchise. Battle other players in strategic 3D combat. Fight bosses on engaging quests from Dragon Age lore. Then, build the perfect squad and watch your strategy unfold on the battlefield. Summon your forces Collect hundreds of characters from across the Dragon Age universe, including rare dragons, giant golems, and other devastating creatures – each with unique abilities, stats, and factions. Consume and combine heroes – and deploy powerful runes – to increase your squad’s power.
Heroes of Dragon Age
Release date: 5 December 2013
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Developer: Capital Games
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Website: http://capitalgames.com/?portfolio=heroes-of-dragon-age