Guilty Gear X

Guilty Gear X is the sequel to 1998's Guilty Gear, a 2D fighting game for the Sony PlayStation that became extremely popular in Japan. Featuring beautiful hand-drawn artwork and animation, as well as balanced, fun, high-energy gameplay, Guilty Gear X aspires to be the king of 2D fighters. The goal in Guilty Gear X is simple: get your opponent's Life Bar down to zero within the allotted time to win. Winning a round nets you a point, getting two points will win you the match. There are 14 different characters to choose from, each with their own personal style and moves. There might even be some hidden ones, too...
Guilty Gear X
Release date: 1 July 2000
Player mode:
Camera view:
Developer: Arc System Works
Content type:
Less than a year after the events of Guilty Gear, reports of a newly discovered commander Gear surfaced. Amid concern about a second war, another Holy Knights Tournament begins, whoever captures and kills Dizzy will receive 500,000 World Dollars. She is defeated, but her life is spared by Sol Badguy, as she proves to be inoffensive. Shortly after, she is found by Ky Kiske, the police chief of the United Nations and ex-chief of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. He entrusts her care to Johnny and May, members of the Jellyfish Air Pirates, who welcome her as one of their own. Jam Kuradoberi, a bounty hunter and struggling chef, claims the credit for Dizzy's disappearance so she can collect the reward and finance her restaurant.

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