Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III is the third FF game for the Famicom. The turn-based battle engine has been improved: if the enemy is defeated, the next character will automatically switch to another enemy, and not hit the air, like in the previous two games. The game itself is, like the previous games, a top-down RPG where your characters travel in the overworld, sometimes entering cities and dungeons to buy equipment, rest and fight random encounters and bosses with turn-based combat. Final Fantasy III also introduces various series staples, such as the Job system and the Moogle species.
Final Fantasy III
Release date: 27 April 1990
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In a remote village of Ur, four orphan boys were raised by the priest Topapa. Once, the Crystal of Wind, guarded by the people of Ur, sank deep into the earth. The four boys decided to retrieve it from there and went down into an underground cave. But when they found the crystal, it spoke to them and from its words they understood they were chosen for a much more important and world-embracing mission...

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