Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

Disgaea 3 is a sequel to Disgaea, a hardcore, turn-based strategy RPG. The game follows the exploits of Mao, the most honored student at Evil Academy, a school where the tardiest, laziest, and rudest demons receive the highest marks. The son of the school chairman, Mao has never once attended class nor opened a textbook. He longs to overthrow his father and assume the title of Overlord, which he decides he must become a hero to achieve. Join him on his zany adventure filled with witty dialogue, exciting events, and thrilling strategy battles.
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
Release date: 17 December 2011
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Camera view:
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
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Website: https://nisamerica.com/games/disgaea-3-absence-detention
The story takes place in the Evil Academy where Lord Mao, the Academy's Top Honor Student (because he has never been to class), has decided that he needs to gain the Power of the Hero to get revenge on the Overlord, who also happens to be his father, from thousands of hours of research into comics, anime and video games. Along the way he meets Raspberyl who introduces herself as an old friend of Mao and the Academy's Number 1 Delinquent (as she does all her homework, has perfect attendance and volunteers in her spare time). Soon after, the pair meets Almaz who has come to protect the Princess from the Overlord. Mao, seeing Almaz's title as Hero, kidnaps him while Beryl tries to rescue him. Eventually Mao gets away with Almaz as class starts and Beryl cannot be late. Mao then takes Almaz into his heart where they can switch titles thus giving Mao the power he needs to defeat the Overlord (he then comments how economical the game is as the final boss will be defeated in the first chapter). Mao and his slaves, including Almaz who is now a Demon-in-training, then go face the Overlord who is much bigger than they expect. The fight actually occurs without the Overlord's knowledge on the palm of his own hand and the party is thus defeated.

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