Digimon World

Digimon world is a game that allows a player to raise their own Digimon and teach it to battle.
Digimon World
Release date: 28 January 1999
Player mode:
Camera view:
Developer: Bandai
Content type:
The plot begins when a small group of children are playing their Digimon Virtual Pet device. The protagonist, a young boy, arrives and excitingly observes a fight between MetalGreymon and MetalMamemon in the Virtual Pet devices. When the boy goes home, he notices light coming from his room. As he gazes into his Digimon Virtual Pet device, a Koromon appears attempting to talk to him. The boy gets sucked into the Digital World, where he is greeted by Jijimon and many other Digimon, including his partner. Once the boy realizes that File City is in danger, he takes it upon himself to recruit Digimon in order to populate the city. As the story progresses, the young boy discovers the evil plot created by Analogman and sets out to save File Island.

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