Contra III: The Alien Wars

This game is action from beginning to end, do not think that you will have a moment of peace, even because Aliens are at war with planet earth, and resting will be your least concern.
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Release date: 28 February 1992
Player mode:
Camera view:
Developer: Konami
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Set in the futuristic year 2636, two years after the events of Super Contra (Previous version released for the NES). The protagonists Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are called once again, against an alien invasion. Taking advantage of Super NES technology, in this game the graphics are improved compared to previous games. It is considered by many the best game of the Contra series. This game offers a lot of weapons, at first you have a precise but very weak machine gun, some of the weapons are: missiles, flamethrowers, laser, shot that reaches a wide area, extremely strong missile, among others, each with Their advantage and disadvantage. The game bosses are a strong point of Contra III, they are very scary, big and well made, each with a different skill and different ways to be defeated, which leaves the game very unpredictable, you never know how to defeat that boss , And dying in them is almost certain. In most phases there is also a mini-bosses, this is very easy to defeat. The gameplay is excellent, the joystick commands respond perfectly, the characters shoot in any direction, lay on the floor, jump, scale the wall, do almost everything. The graphics are great and original and the Aliens are different from what we are used to seeing and have a horrifying look.